• Shari QuallenbergAMI

    “Pierre captures the essence, individuality and uniqueness of every one of my actors!” 

  • Linda Butler and Estella RustonButler Ruston Bell

    “Pierre consistently produces superb headshots, very effective in the marketplace. And is a delight to work with!”

  • Yanick LandryNewton Landry

    “For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with Pierre. I have found him approachable, his work ethic impeccable and he is a true professional. He captures the essence of our clients to bring forward the best in each of them.”

  • Michael Caruana

    "When students ask if I know a good headshot photographer, Pierre Gautreau is my answer. When I ask my students how their shoot with Pierre went, they smile and tell me what fun they had and how comfortable he made them feel. Then when I see the wonderful results, it all makes sense. Pierre does beautiful work!" 

  • Lisa Burke

    "Pierre Gautreau is one of the top Headshot Photographer’s in our industry.
    His lighting is dramatic, his personality is relaxed and comfortable, his shots are creative and beautiful.
    What is also special about Pierre, is that he takes time to make sure every aspect of the shot is right.
    I always reccommend him to my clients. The only problem is, with so many great photos, I never know which ones to choose!"